Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Women's Month insight from Taryn Hughes

Taryn Hughes sent this inspirational peice to me from her workshops in Berlin. She is an incredible writer, teacher, and yogi. When I opened my inbox to find this I realized it was just the perfect post for March

When we gather, truths come out. It's a shame to let those discoveries stay hidden from the community at large. When I hear themes or when a group nods in unison and says "that's so true" I am going to tap out the message to you. Maybe it will help you and your girlfriends, Aunties, Moms, Grandmas and other women in your life.   Insights from the last Soulful Tea in Berlin:
We spent a lot of time connecting over different questions, such as "Where do you feel truth in your body?" and "What feeds your soul?" Then I posed the question "What is the greatest gift you have to share with the world?" It could be anything. ***(((((think of your answer now))))))******

Nearly all 10 women said some version of empathy, intuitiveness, seeing and understanding the other person or accepting others. Out of all the possibilities in the world (and these women have some serious other talents as well) nearly all of us thought that was our greatest strength.

Curious - was it the same for you?

Then women began to speak about how often they hide this gift. It's their greatest gift and also their hidden gift? "Why hide?" I asked. Because it can be "dangerous." Oooooo, now it's getting juicy. "Why does it feel that way?" Because of history, because of patriarchy, because if we can see the truth, then we may speak the truth and that would cause a lot of problems for a lot of people who are not living with honor. Ah. Exhale. Let that sink in.

After hearing many of these women bowing out or planning to bow out of corporate life to craft their own creative, integral, meaningful life I mentioned that this is the modern day women's rebellion. We are all revolting, quietly in our little corners of the universe. There is a movement of what I will name "rebelesses," humming beneath the surface of society. We all choose love over money. People over profit. Caring over hurting. Many women are opting out of the game. Which bring us to the opportunity to create a new paradigm.

2 years ago I wrote an article for Levo League on women in leadership. I truly believe that women and members of any minority group bring a lot of gifts to the table can shift the way business is run in the world - whether it's your own business or not. "Your position on the outside may well have offered you the gift of clarity and the ability to see..."

Whether you choose to lean in or opt out, know that you are all part of a silent and loving wave of transformative revolution that is spanning the globe.

Taryn HughesTaryn Hughes is dedicated to the development and advancement of women. Merging gender specific yoga with women’s rights in a historical, legal and societal context, she offers women a contemporary approach to healing. Find out more about Taryn at her website. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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