Sunday, November 22, 2020

Gratitude For Your Body


There is always something to be grateful for when it comes to the body

New Meditation on Insight Timer Called Thank You Body

The Nature of the Human Body. Before dressing them, we first draw… | by  Walter Isaacson | Medium
Here are a few things mentioned in the above meditation that your body is doing right now!
  • Your lungs draw in oxygen and release carbon dioxide over 15,000 times every day!
  • Your heart beats about 100,000 times every day! 
  • Life giving oxygen is carried from the lungs and heart through hundreds of miles of blood vessels!
  • Your bones are providing structure for your body and also making blood cells deep inside the marrow
  • Your skin is the largest organ spanning on average 20 square feet and is the body's first layer of defense from the outside world 
  • Your liver has over 500 functions that it provides for the body, some of those functions are storing extra blood, clearing the blood of toxins, creating proteins, and many more.


Figure 2.

Leonardo Da Vinci's drawing of the heart

He examined in detail the bronchi up to their smaller ramifications, noting that each of them is accompanied by a small branch of the pulmonary artery (Figure 2A). On the basis of these observations, he hypothesized that the bronchial arteries receive freshness from the bronchi, full of air, and that the venous blood receives freshness in the lung, before returning to the heart. He studied in detail the anatomy of the coronary artery and veins, coming to the conclusion that the heart feeds itself (Figure 2B).

Originally published 
Circulation Research. 2019;124:189–191



Sunday, November 8, 2020

Insight Timer Guided Practices and Courses — Calmworks®

   Leading Meditations on Insight Timer

My first meditation is up and it is a Loving Kindness meditation inspired by Stephen Levine. I have loved his book Guided Meditations, Explorations and Healings. And I have used it for years in my classes.
I have also been using Insight Timer for the past 8 years in my personal meditation practice and I love the multiple bell settings and the different guided meditations that they offer. It is a free app for your phone or tablet. So check out my meditation