"There are times during class when I gives thanks for your existence, energy, spirit, and selfless service. I appreciate all your works and always look forward to coming class.  You definitely have the 'IT' factor and it shines through with how you love to enlighten us to love us!!! April THANK YOU!!!!!"

~ Michelle Forbes, former student

"I am a 54 year old woman who had the pleasure of being introduced to Yoga and Pilates over a year ago by April Lowe. Like many women my age, I have spent the last 25 years taking care of my family, working full time and finding myself becoming more and more out of touch with myself. April helped to change that.

“I was initially very intimidated by the idea of attempting either of the above forms of exercise and mediation. After all, I’d subconsciously made the decision to only see myself in a mirror from the neck up and that was only to apply makeup or do my hair. April was patient and consistent as she led us through very remedial moves at first. But as time and abilities progressed, she challenged us to breathe into the movement and become comfortable with strengthening our bodies. Most of all, listening to my body. My flexibility has increased exceptionally and my body and mind have become stronger.

“April has the exceptional gift to work across ages, abilities and confidence levels to create a venue that encourages every progression. She brings to her classes a peaceful continence that embraces the true meaning of Yoga and Pilates in their truest forms.

“I was excited this summer as she traveled to Bali to complete her Yoga training. She returned with a passionate understanding of the peacefulness and serenity of Yoga and meditation. It enhanced her sessions and created an aura of quiet gracefulness for all who attended.

“April is an excellent instructor who cares deeply for her students and their abilities. She rejoices in their successes and takes the time and effort to help them work to enjoying their newfound strengths and flexibilities. She will be sorely missed but I will be forever grateful for her patience and guidance as she encouraged me to challenge myself to be a stronger, better me.”

~ Nancy Makela, former student

"As the owner of Body and Soul Fitness we are indebted to April Grace for not only her incredible technical abilities as a yoga and pilates instructor but also for her amazing ability to show love and care to the members who took her classes. Many lives have been changed deeply by April's special touch. Some have been able to get in touch with emotions and feelings that were pressed down holding them in despair. April Grace literally helped them out of their depression and renewed not only their physical fitness but emotional fitness as well. She is sorely missed and we look forward to the future when April can come back and share her gifts with us.”

~Will & Cheryl, Owners
Body & Soul Women's Fitness Center

To schedule a private class, send an e-mail to: info@aprilgraceyoga.com